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Saweira Silver rings are beautiful and special. We can custom make rings for you too.

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A Share of our Profits go to help local people in Essaouira

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Our Story

Once upon a time in Essaouira...

... I was with my friend Marie who wanted to buy some local argan oil in Essaouira. We walked into a spice shop that was hidden away in the Medina, and there I met Adnane. He invited us to tea, and we became good friends. One day in 2017 over dinner with his family we discussed ways to help the artisans of Essaouira and that is how Saweira Silver was born.... still in its infancy, we aim to bring the delights of Moroccan silver to the wider world, and help the local people of Essaouira at the same time. We hope you enjoy reading about our Jewellery.. all of which is made by hand.